cost codes quickbooks service items video sample lmn sample service items Setting up Quickbooks Service Items

In this video we'll show you a sample of how Quickbooks service items could be setup to help you understand what tasks are making money (and what tasks are not!) in your company.


And as an added bonus, there's a sample list of service items attached to this article.  Just download the attached .pdf file to read more.

In this video you will learn:

  • Why service items get so complicated (and useless!) in most companies
  • How to setup Quickbooks service items for better jobcosting
  • How to link Quickbooks service items to your chart of accounts
  • How service items are used in transactions
  • How to setup service items to help you jobcost by division
  • How to setup service items for better jobcosting reports
  • How to run some useful jobcosting reports in Quickbooks
  • How to enter a vendor invoice using service items (instead of chart of accounts)
  • Why you should keep your service items simple

This article, video and sample file is for educational purposes only.  LMN strongly recommends you consult with a financial professional before making any permanent changes to your Quickbooks company file.

Download Sample Service Item List




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