quickbooks jobcosting payroll video lmn timesheet export export timesheets lmn timesheets Exporting LMN Timesheets to Quickbooks

In this video, we'll cover how to export your LMN timesheets to Quickbooks.  

While you don't have to use Quickbooks (Intuit) for payroll, there are some amazing advantages to doing so.  Most importantly, when you create your paychecks using Quickbooks, it will automatically jobcost the cost of each employees' wages and hours to the jobs they were clocked into in LMN Time.  Most payroll providers will help you print the cheques, and will allocate the wage costs to payroll, but will not help you calculate (automatically) the cost of labor on each job.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to prep (approve) timesheets before they can be exported to Quickbooks
  • How to setup your overtime rules in LMN Time
  • How payroll codes are used to pay employees the correct wages (including overtime pay)
  • How to customize payroll codes for special jobs (i.e. snow jobs, union wage jobs)
  • How to choose the level of jobcosting detail you wish to have
  • How to export a payroll period to Quickbooks (note: you must export at least one full week at a time, in order to accurately calculate overtime)
  •  How to view an exported timesheet to Quickbooks (if you had to, you could make fixes/adjustments here too)


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