overtime quickbooks payroll payroll codes payroll items video lmn Setting Up Quickbooks Payroll Items

Payroll item setup is a critical step in exporting timesheets and running payroll through Quickbooks.  Payroll items ensure that employees are paid the correct wage, that staff are paid overtime (when appropriate), and that the wage expenses end up in the correct chart of accounts.

To learn more, just watch this video:


In this payroll item video, we'll cover:

  • How to setup payroll items in Quickbooks 
  • When you need to create new payroll items (and when you don't)
  • How to use payroll items to override an employee's normal rate of pay for special or premium work (like snow or union jobs)
  • How to setup payroll items to pay staff using Quickbooks
  • How to link a payroll item to a chart of account
  • How payroll items are used on Quickbooks timesheets


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