quickbooks qb video lmn setup quickbooks sync sync desktop Setting Up LMN and Quickbooks: Overview

This video is a good introduction to the LMN / Quickbooks Sync process and will give you a brief overview of what you're about to setup.


In this video you'll learn:

  • Why you'll want to sync your LMN with your Quickbooks
  • Why LMN recommends you do jobcosting in Quickbooks
  • How to save time and errors with data entry
  • How to setup your Quickbooks to do more than just help you pay your taxes and report your year-end financials
  • Why you should watch all the Quickbooks setup videos before you make any changes to your Quickbooks company file

This video is for educational purposes.  LMN strongly recommends working with a financial professional before actually making any changes to your accounting.


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