subscription faq lmn basic downgrade How Do I Downgrade My Subscription to LMN Basic?

The instructions to downgrade your current subscription of LMN Pro to LMN Basic can be found below: 

  • Log into your LMN account. Click here to log in.
  • Click Account.
  • Click Subscription.
  • Next to "Your Subscription Level", click LMN Basic. ("Downgrade to LMN Basic?" dialog box will appear).
  • Type DOWNGRADE in the confirmation field and click CONTINUE.

You have successfully downgraded your account to LMN Basic.

WARNING: Downgrading to LMN Basic will terminate your company's access to invoicing, timesheet photos, and files and attachments.

To proceed, you agree that any photos, files, or attachments previously uploaded may be deleted. LMN is not responsible for maintaining, backing up, or storing files or photos for non-Professional level members.
Please make sure you have downloaded copies of all your important photos and files before downgrading.
Your subscription pricing will be automatically downgraded to LMN Basic ($199/mo) pricing effective on your next payment date.



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