guide app install google play app store lmn time app How to Install the LMN Time App

We suggest watching the following videos to gain an understanding of the LMN Time App.  These videos are also great for training your field staff!  To access these videos, click Watch below.

Prefer to learn by reading our quick written guide? Scroll down!

Note - you can watch these videos with Closed Captioning in Spanish with these simple instructions!

  1. When the video starts, click the button on the bottom that says CC
  2. You should now see English subtitles.  To change them to Spanish, simply:
    • Click the Settings button right beside the CC button (it looks like a little gear)
    • Click the Subtitles/CC option (it will default to English (generated))
    • Click the Auto-Translate option
    • Choose the Spanish option

Now the video will play with Spanish subtitles.  Note this works for ALL LMN training videos!


In this video we will cover

  • How to install the LMN Time app on your smart phone using the app store or from Google Play
  • How to change the language settings from English to Spanish (Espanol)
  • A basic introduction to the key menus 

How do I Download the LMN Time App on a Phone or Tablet?

Here are the instructions on how to download the LMN Time mobile app for Apple and Android devices:

  1. Open the respective App store on the device (Apple App Store or Google Play).
  2. Tap Search.
  3. Enter "LMNTime".
  4. Tap Install.
  5. Once installed, open the App on your device and enter your login information to get started.

Don't have a mobile login created?

Click here to learn how to create a Supervisor/Foreman login


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