job files job photos files for crew faq How Can I Add Files/Photos To a Job So My Crew Can View Them From the App?

NOTE: The following feature is only accessible with an LMN Pro subscription. For more information please review the demo below:

LMN Pro Overview

There is a Job Files area in a job in LMN Time. As shown below, there will be two options to attach files to a job in LMN Time. The purpose of these files compared to the estimate or CRM file is that files in a job in LMN Time will show up for the foreman in the LMN Time Field App.

      1. LOGIN to LMN Time
      2. Click on JOBS at the top of the screen
      3. Click into a JOB
      4. On the left side menu, click on JOB FILES

IMPORTANT: We recommend keeping files at a 5mb data size for the purposes of being viewed from the field app. Larger files (up to 50mb) will work, but based on a mobile phones network connection it could take longer than anticipated to open a file. Furthermore, if a foreman is opening larger files consistently, it will use much more data than the LMN Time app would typically use on a normal day.


By clicking Link from CRM you can view all files that have been uploaded in your CRM and Estimate as it makes the connection to a client/lead CRM file. Keep in mind, any file that is added to a job in LMN Time will be view-able from the field app!



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