quickbooks import guide leads quickbooks online qbo client import Importing Leads & Customers from Quickbooks Online

Getting started with LMN's CRM is a lot easier when you don't have to enter all your customer data!  So make it simple and import your leads/customers using your existing Quickbooks Online company file...

  1. Login to LMN at my.golmn.com/lmn
  2. Using the left-hand-side menu, click Quickbooks, then the QB Online sub-menu
  3. That's going to open a new tab in your browser... keep going - you're on the right track
  4. Login to the Quickbooks Online Sync tool on the screen above.  Use the same username and password you use for your LMN Account
  5. Once you're logged in, you'll see a screen like this:
  6. You need to connect Quickbooks Online to your LMN account.  Once you do this once, we'll remember this connection for future requests.
  7. Click the Connect to QuickBooks button
  8. Next you'll be prompted to login to your Quickbooks Online account.  Enter your username and password that you use to login to Quickbooks Online, then click the Sign In button
    Note: You must be an administrator with Quickbooks Online to link your accounts.   
  9. Next, you'll be prompted with a screen authorizing LMN to sync with your Quickbooks Online company data.  If you agree to the terms, click the Authorize button   
  10. Next, you'll get a prompt indicating you successfully connected your account. Tap the Close this Window button   
  11. Your screen should still show that you're not connected.  Test your connection by tapping the Refresh button near the top right of the screen.   
  12. The header should now turn green and show that you're connected.   
  13. Now that you're connected, you're ready to import your customers
  14. Using the left-hand side menu, click the Setup menu, then choose the Import QB Customers sub-menu      
  15. To start the import process, click the Import Customers button in the bottom right
  16. Next, you'll get prompted with a screen making sure you want to do this. Click CONTINUE if you want to go ahead with the import.
  17. Next, this request will be passed to our LMN Quickbooks Online Robot.  That's what will handle the process from there.
  18. Your import might take anywhere from just a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on how many customers you have.  To view the current status of your import tap the Continue to Job Status button on the this screen.
  19. The Job Status screen will show you the status of your current job.  It will be Pending (waiting to start), Processing (working through your list), then Success or Errors.
  20. Tap the Refresh button in the top right corner until the status of your job says SUCCESS   
  21. Rarely do errors happen in this process, but if one does, the LMN Robot will email you the error log so you (and we) can find out what happened.  If you do have an error make sure to check the email address that you used when you signed up for LMN - the email that's attached to your LMN account is where our robot will send the logs.
  22. If you see SUCCESS - you're finished - move on to these next steps
  23. You should still be logged in to LMN in another tab (assuming you didn't close it earlier!). You can return to that tab in your browser, or, if you did close it, just login to your regular LMN account again at https://my.golmn.com
  24. Using the left-side menu, tap CRM then tap the Contacts sub-menu
  25. Your customers should now show in your Contacts list!


That's it!  You're done - have a look through your customer list - and click customer names to view the details.

Your imported customers will have contacts (people) based on the first names and last name you'd setup in Quickbooks Online.  If there was no person setup, you'll find that LMN setup a contact with a first and last name of Unknown. We'll also use sub-customer information to setup jobsites for you as well.

Congratulations - it took a few minutes, but you just saved yourself a bunch of hours!  And you're Quickbooks Online link will be remembered, so it will be that much easier for you when you start to import estimates, timesheets and invoices from LMN.

Questions?  Hit us up on Live Chat - or use support@golmn.com.




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