services settings video Setting Up Your Services

Services are an important part of LMN Time for anyone wishing to track services completed - either for billing or just for information.  Services are a very essential part of LMN Time for service or maintenance companies.  Common types of services tracked might include things like:

  • Mow Done
  • Grub Control
  • Beds Complete
  • Pruning Done
  • Plowing Done
  • Salting Done
  • ... and many others

Services are Yes/No answers.  They are either complete, or not.  You cannot track quantities on services, but you can track quantities on materials or activities.  Click here for more on those.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to add a service type to your 'master list' of services (under the Settings menu)
  • How services are used by crews
  • How to configure your default billing types and invoice descriptions for services (these can be customized on a per-job basis as well)
  • How to link materials and activities to a service, so that once a crew ticks off that they completed a specific service, we can prompt them to track the quantity of material used
    • e.g. When ticking off Mulch Done, we can prompt them to enter the quantity of mulch applied


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