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The timetracking settings will help you configure your basic application settings. Watch this video for a brief overview of some of the settings and be sure to use the What's This button for complete information on any specific setting.

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This video will assist you in:

  • Setting up your default Project Names
  • Making notes mandatory
  • Setting a default lunch time for your crews
  • Setting a default lunch deduction (or duration) for your crews
  • Enforcing cost codes when creating Jobs & Tasks
  • Changing settings from metric to imperial
  • Changing your time zone
  • Importing crew notes when you import your LMN Estimates
  • Allowing or preventing crews from being able to delete timesheets

The purpose of this guide is just to give you a quick overview to help you configure your LMN Timetracking settings.


To edit your LMN Timetracking Settings, follow the steps below.

  • Click on settings at the top of your LMN Time account.
  • On the left-hand side, click timetracking.
  • To edit each setting, select the drop-down menu and toggle to your desired selection.
  • Each section will feature a  button next to each section; hover your mouse over this button to view a description/explanation.

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