quickbooks online validationexception exception publish exception Amount is not equal to UnitPrice * Qty Amount is not equal to ERROR: Estimate Publish Exception: ValidationException was thrown

QuickBooks Online

If you are getting the error that says "Estimate Publish Exception: ValidationException was thrown.", make sure that:

If you are a user of QuickBooks Online Canada you must turn taxes on in your LMN QuickBooks Online Settings. To check if your taxes are turned on, do the following steps:

  1. Login to https://accounting.golmn.com/#/login
  2. Open the Estimate menu on the left side
  3. Open the Settings sub-menu
  4. Check your tax settings - they must be set to My Company charges Sales Tax (Taxes ON). 
  5. Be sure to click the Save button if you've changed this setting


Another troubleshooting step for this error on QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online is an issue with unit price multiplied by the quantity.

To resolve:

Find the workarea/ service area with the value listed in error, there is an issue with a unit price for that value - the amount is not equal to the unit price multiplied by the qty. To resolve, open estimate listed in error log and within the workarea(s), find the value and double-check math based on the quantity. It may be off by 1 penny which is causing error, correct, and queue for export.



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