crm crm screen video CMR Understanding the CRM Screen

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. LMN will track and organize your leads and customers, will give you one central spot to manage all their phone, address and contact information, let you track communication history of important conversations, promises, complaints or committments, and even manage tasks relating to your clients.


In this video, you will learn to:

  • Enter/edit client or lead information such as name, address and more
  • Assign a client to a salesperson
  • Track clients by referral source so you can analyze the success of marketing efforts (and spend)
  • Assign your own tags to clients and leads to create your own custom groups and lists
  • Enter contacts (people) that are associated with each client
  • Enter jobsites and addresses that are associated with each client
  • Review estimates that are associated with each client
  • Track communications with a client including emails, notes, and phone conversations
  • Sync an email to a client to LMN's communication history
  • Create and assign tasks or to-dos relating to a client or lead
  • Upload files or photos to a client's record


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