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Importing Clients/Leads (CSV File)

You can import a list of client/leads to make it faster to setup your CRM!  LMN handles the importing of .CSV files - a popular format for importing/exporting data between various applications.

The CRM import is very specific in the way the file is formatted.  After all, LMN has to know exactly where to put each piece of information in your file.

To import your clients/leads, follow the instructions below.

Adding information to the import document

Download the Sample file.  Please note: you will need to use our sample file to import your clients/leads.  You can download this file by clicking Download below.  Once Downloaded, you may need to click Enable Editing in the document to begin adding your data.

Click Here To Download the LMN Sample File

Review the Sample Document: In Row 2 of our sample file, you will see instructions on what information is being requested.

    • Recommendations will be available in this column for information like StateCountry, etc.
    • Explanation for certain columns will also be available for information like TypeTags, etc.
    • Any column marked with an asterisk (*) will need to have information included.  These are required fields to import.
        • Do not remove the instruction row.
        • Do not attempt to re-order this document.  Each column must remain in the order shown in the sample file.
        • Any column marked with an asterisk (*) will need to have information included.  These are required fields to import.

Save your file as a CSV (Comma Delimited) document: LMN will only accept the import as a CSV document.

Importing your import document

Once you have completed your import document as explained above, you can import it to LMN.  To import, follow the instructions below.

In LMN, go to the CRM and click on the Contacts menu


Click the Import button



Click the Choose File button and select the .CSV file you created above.



Once your file has been selected, click the Import button



If you receive any errors after clicking the Import button: Do not continue with the import! 

        1. Instead, go back to your import document and ensure:

            • The document is saved as a CSV (Comma Delimited) document.
            • The document is in the prescribed sample format:
          • mceclip0.png
            • All columns are in the same order as the sample file.
            • Any column marked with an asterisk (*) have information in them for every customer.

          If you are still unable to import your document: please forward it to for assistance.  We will review the document and can even attempt to import it for you!

    Paste your information into the Sample Document:
      1.  Your information will need to be pasted into our Sample file in the fields provided.


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