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Estimate Statuses allow you to create your own 'sales pipeline' in LMN.  They allow you to see how much potential, actual or lost revenue you have at each stage of your sales pipeline.  LMN comes shipped with some sample statuses for you, but you're free to customize this list to create your own meaningful reports.

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In this video you will learn how to:

  • View your list of estimate statuses
  • Create your own estimate status
  • Set the estimate's sales pipeline status


Estimate Statuses Information


  • Estimate statuses are a critical part of Estimating and CRM reporting.  You will apply a status to each estimate, and as it goes through your sales pipeline, you will adjust accordingly.
  • LMN comes with a default status list, however estimate statuses should be customized to reflect your company's sales pipeline.
  • Statuses can vary depending on whether you are applying them to Standard or Service Estimates.  For more information on the difference between Standard and Service Estimates, click HERE.  To switch between status lists, use the drop-down menu at the top of the screen as shown below:

Adding New Estimate Statuses

  • Click on Estimate and Statuses.


  • Click on the +New button.

  • Enter your Status Name and Sales Pipeline Status.  Please note: Sales Pipeline Status will give you three options:
    • Pending:  Not yet won or lost.
    • Lost:  The customer did not proceed with this estimate.
    • Sold:  The customer agreed to proceed with this estimate.


Editing/Deleting Estimate Statuses

  • To edit existing Statuses, click on the Edit button, shown below.

  • To delete existing Statuses, click on the Delete button, shown below.

Adjusting your Status Order

  • Your list of estimate statuses should start with the first step of estimating (e.g. Estimate In Progress) and then proceed to the final step (e.g. Billing Complete) in the order the estimates are most likely to progress.
  • To change the order of your statuses, click the up arrow or down arrow to the left of the status, as shown below. The order will automatically save on each change.


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