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Create your own custom classifications for clients and leads using LMN's tags. Tags are like lists - you can add any client/lead to the list(s) you want them to belong to. Using tags - you'll be able to instantly view, report, and even export, clients that belong to a specific group or list.

 In this video you will learn to:

  • Create and edit your list of tags
  • Add a tag to a client or lead
  • Add a tag to a list of clients or leads all at once (so you don't have to do it one at a time!)
  • Search your list of clients or leads by tag
  • Export a list of clients or leads to an Excel spreadsheet using only selected tags


Setting Up Tags in CRM

Tags are really just ways to add clients and leads to a list.  Tags will help you filter your specific clients for tracking and also for marketing purposes.

If you want to pull a list of clients by a certain attribute (e.g. Irrigation Prospects, or Snow Clients), then you'll want to create a tag with that name.

For example:

  • Client - Residential
  • Client - Install
  • Prospect - Maintenance
  • Prospect - Irrigation

How to create a Tag:

  • Click the CRM menu on the left side
  • Click the Tags menu
  • Click the +New button to add a new tag
  • Give the tag a unique name, then click OK to save that tag


Then, simply add that tag to any lead or client who should be included in that list via LMN > Contacts > Click on a contact to edit and add tags.


Once you assign those tags to the client/lead, that client will show up any time you pull a list of clients assigned that tag.


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