crm todos list faq How do I Review A List of All My ToDos?

Adding Todos from the Todo Screen

  1. Click the CRM menu
  2. Click the To-Do's menu
  3. Click the +New button to add a ToDo item

Here's a description of the fields on the Todo screen and how they are used.

  • Lead - if you want this Todo to be attached to a Lead item, pick the lead you want to assign it to
  • Assigned To - if you want to assign this Todo to someone in your organization, pick them here (by default, Todo's will be assigned to you)
  • Created By - Read only.  This is the user who created the Todo
  • Due Date - optional.  This is the date the Todo should be completed by.  Setting a due date is handy as Todo reminders will appear on user dashboards as they approach, then turn red when thy go overdue.
  • Progress - Pick 1 of 3 available statuses:  Pending, In Progress, Complete
  • Notes - Here's where you enter the details of the Todo assignment
  • Instructions - Here's where you can enter any special instructions pertaining to this Todo

Viewing All Your Todos

To view all the Todos that you've either created, or had assigned to you, then 

    1. Click the CRM menu
    2. Click the To-Do's menu
    3. Use the Show and View filters to filter your list down to the ToDos that are important to you (optional)


Updating Multiple ToDo's At Once

The ToDo's screen is a really handy place if you want to update multiple to-dos at once.  Instead of searching for each Todo in the Lead it belongs to, your list shows you all your ToDo's.

To update mutiple ToDo's

  1. Click the CRM menu
  2. Click the To-Do's menu
  3. Select the ToDo's you wish to edit using the checkbox column to the left of each ToDo row
  4. Choose the Update Selected button if you want to update the status of the selected ToDos
  5. Choose the Delete Selected button if you want to delete the selected ToDos (warning, once deleted, there is no undo)


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