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You can set up your LMN so notification e-mails are sent automatically when:

  • A lead gets assigned to you by someone else
  • When a To-Do gets assigned to you by someone else
  • When a To-Do assigned to you has it's item status changed by another user
  • When a To-Do assigned to you is changed by another user

Please note: by following the steps below, you will be setting up notifications for your username only.  If you want your staff/colleagues to receive notifications for the above as well, they will need to follow the steps below in their username.

To set up notifications, click Notifications under the Personal Settings menu from the main Settings:



To enable this feature please follow the following instructions:

  • Click on the Notifications button shown above.
  • Check off each box for which notifications you want to receive
  • Enter an e-mail CC List, if applicable.  For instance, if your manager/owner wants a notification anytime a lead is assigned to you, you can enter their email in the CC List box.
  • Click the Save Changes button at the top right when finished



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