crm guide general CRM Screen - General tab

The General Information tab will give you a quick overview of your customer and will display all Billing and Tracking Information.

Total Estimates will be displayed on this page.

  • The This Year number is based on the calendar year and your estimate creation date.
  • All Time will show both Active and Archived estimates.

Total Work will be displayed here as well.

  • Estimated total will include all work that has been estimated for this customer - Pending, Lost or Won.
  • Sold total will only include estimates with a Status of "Won".

You can adjust your Tracking + Assignment and Tags for the customer.  For more information on your options, see below.

  • Adjust the Customer Type.  Options are as follows: Lead, Customer, Vendor, Subcontractor, Employee, Partner or Other.
  • Assign your Customer to one of your Admin staff.  For information on creating Staff Accounts in LMN, click HERE.
  • Select a Referral Source.  For information on creating Referral Sources, click HERE.
  • Add Tags - for more information on adding Tags, click HERE.


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