crm jobsite faq import jobsites multiple jobsites How do I Add More than 1 Jobsite to a Client or Lead?

If you have a contact in your CRM tool that has multiple job sites but you do not want to add them manually then you can import them into the CRM tool by following these instructions:

Import a file with only the MAIN Customer (or add them manually in CRM) and Billing Address ONLY (no Jobsites), so that the main Client/Lead is created in CRM.

  • If you do not do this, and import the file with ALL of the job sites, and this customer does NOT exist in CRM (ie they are being added into CRM as brand new), they will be added as individual Clients/Leads in CRM, each with 1 Jobsite per Client/Lead (ie. 20 Best Buy's instead of 1 Best Buy with 20 Jobsites).

Next, import a file with ALL the Job sites: 

  • NOTE: the Lead Name on the excel file has to be identical to the current Lead Name in the CRM (ie. if "Best Buy" in CRM, Lead Name must be "Best Buy" in excel.

  • NOTE: if a different "Contact First Name/Last Name" is added per Jobsite, these Contacts do NOT get added into CRM separately (workaround for now would be to add them in "Jobsite Notes" header).

Assuming this Client/Lead already exists in CRM, now all of those Job sites will be added into that one Client/lead in CRM. 



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