production rates standards sample faq standard rates Does LMN Include Pre-defined Production Rates?

Unfortunately we cannot provide production rates, responsibly speaking. Since our user-base is global, we support companies from Alaska to Australia and everything in between.  Production numbers vary too much based on regional differences, equipment differences, crew skill levels, material types, local soil types/conditions, site access, and so many more.

If you're looking to get started with some "standard" production rates, here are some resources you can look to:

  • Charles Vander Kooi (Book) - Complete Estimating Book with Labor and Equipment Production Times, Written for the Green Industry
  • Jim Huston (Book) - How to Price Landscape & Irrigation Projects (click HERE to view more info) or his Landscape Production Benchmarks (click HERE)
  • RS Means (Book) - Landscape Estimating Methods (click HERE to view more info)

Notes About Our Samples...

Your account may include SAMPLE Production Rates, but these were designed to provide a framework of how to build YOUR company's production rate within LMN. The values depicted are for sample purposes only, and are not intended to represent actual or recommended rates of production.


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