Error: "Invalid Token" or "Token will be expiring soon"

If you are encountering a pop-up dialog box stating "Token will be expiring soon" when attempting to Update, Edit, Delete, or Save, something within LMN, followed by you being automatically logged out, it is most likely due to a variance with your Date & Time on your computer.

  1. Ensure your Date and Time Timezone is accurate.
  2. To verify this, right-click on your Date & Time.
  3. Click Adjust Date/Time.
  4. Ensure your Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically are turned ON.
  5. If either of them have been turned OFF, turn them ON and attempt to log back into LMN.
  6. If you are still encountering the same issue, proceed to the workaround below.

If the steps above did not resolve your issue, please follow the steps below (Windows 10):

  1. Access your Control Panel (you can Search it in the bottom left of your taskbar, next to your Start Menu or by accessing through your File Explorer).
    • If your Control Panel has been set to "View by: Category", click Clock, Language, and Region. Then click Date and Time.
    • If your Control Panel has been set to "View by: Large/Small icons", click Date and Time.
  2. Click the Internet Time tab.
  3. Click Change Settings.
  4. On the Internet Time Settings window, ensure the checkmark has been selected for the "Synchronize with an Internet time server". (If it has not been checkmarked, please checkmark this on).
  5. Click Update Now.
  6. You will see a message beneath stating "The clock was successfully synchronized with on XXXX-XX-XX at XX:XX."
  7. Access LMN again and attempt to log-in.

If you are still encountering an issue after following the steps above, please contact our Support team at 888-347-9864 or email us at


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