quickbooks error 80040438 quickbooks error ERROR: Quickbooks Error 80040438

When attempting to sync to Quickbooks, you will receive error #80040438 if you have multiple instances of Quickbooks open at the same time.  


  1. Completely close Quickbooks down (easiest way is to restart your computer).
  2. Attempt to run LMN Sync again.

If you still receive the error:

  1. Use Control + Alt + Delete and see if your task manager shows more than one Quickbooks open.
  • If you see more than one Quickbooks running in the task manager, end the tasks from here.
  • If you cannot see more that one Quickbooks running in the task manager, please reboot your computer.

          2. Attempt to run LMN Sync again.

Should you require assistance, please contact support@golmn.com



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