Create LMN Time jobs using customers/jobs in your CRM

Now you can quickly create jobs in LMN Time, using all the information you entered for a lead/customer in LMN's CRM tool.

  1. In LMN Time, select the Jobs menu
  2. In the bottom right corner, select Add Job
  3. The Add Job screen will appear.  Pick the Job Type.
  4. If the customer/jobsite already exists in your CRM, click the Add Job Info from CRM button
  5. Next, use the Search box to search for a customer by name, jobsite name, or address
  6. When you find the customer you want to import, choose the jobsite in the dropdown, then click the Select button to import the select customer/job info into LMN Time
  7. The selected customer/jobsite info will be setup for you in the correct fields in LMN Time


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