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Being able to import your Material Catalog is a valuable tool in the LMN Item Catalog!

New companies to LMN will notice that their account was provided with Sample Data, which is very useful if customized to suit your supplier pricing.  Below are some instructions on how you can overwrite/update your Material Catalog:

Exporting from LMN

To begin, you will need to export your current Material Catalog from LMN.

  1. In your Material Catalog, click ExportAnnotation_2020-08-03_131340.jpg
  2. Select OK
  3. From your browser's download area, select the downloaded file.


    Manipulating the data in Excel

    Next, you will need to edit the information in excel.

    1. Edit the data in any of the highlighted fields below.  Do not edit the ID field.

    2. Here are some tips for editing the Material Catalog:
      • Please try to keep your material names uniform so your items will be easily identified while building estimates.
      • If you have materials from multiple suppliers, please include a line for the material from each different supplier.  You can indicate the supplier initial in the material name (ie. V – Paver, A - Paver, etc.)
      • If you do not need to use all of the materials in the sample list, indicate the materials you wish to delete with some distinguishing factor (ie. ZZ - Paver).  That way, when you update the list you can search for and delete all unused materials at one time.
      • Your material catalog can only import 1000 items at one time.  If you have more than 1000 materials to import, please split into multiple documents.

Once your Material Catalog is updated, you will save as CSV.



Importing to LMN

After you have followed the above steps, you can import into LMN.

  1. Click Import 
  2. Click Choose File 
  3. Find your file and OK


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