Quickbooks guide exporting quickbooks online lmn timesheets quickbooks online timesheets publish time publish timesheet Exporting (Publishing) LMN Timesheets to QuickBooks Online

Before you Export...

Match Existing Jobs

If you have jobs in LMN Time that already exist in QuickBooks Online and you haven't matched them yet, we recommend matching those jobs first to avoid any interruptions to the export process.  And don't worry, once you match a job, we'll remember it for future exports.  You'll only have to match each job once.

NOTE: new jobs can be created on-the-fly by LMN - you only need to match the jobs that:

  • a) exist in LMN Time and have never been matched to QuickBooks Online  and
  • b) already exist as customers in QuickBooks Online

For instructions on matching existing LMN Time Jobs with existing QuickBooks customers, click this link.

Match Existing Staff

If you have new staff during this time period, make sure they're setup in QuickBooks Online first.  Remember, LMN Time doesn't have wage or payroll tax information so it can't setup staff in QuickBooks Online properly for you.  

For instructions on matching existing LMN Time Staff with existing QuickBooks staff, click this link. 

Review + Approve All Timesheets

Make sure any/all timesheets from the pay period have been approved.  If a timesheet has not been approved, it will not be included in the export.  

Note: skipping timesheets can definitely affect overtime calculations.  It's best practice to approve all timesheets for the period before you run the export.  


Exporting Timesheets to QuickBooks Online

Once you've got your jobs + staff are matched and your timesheets approved, you're ready to export.  To start the process, login to the LMN QuickBooks Online accounting sync app at:  https://accounting.golmn.com.

Once logged in, use the left hand menu and select Timesheets | Publish Timesheets menu option.


STEP ONE:  Set the Date Range

Unlike estimates, you don't need to add timesheets to a "queue" to export them.  Timesheet exports are driven by a start date, then you can export either 1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks of timesheets.

Hint:  You must publish at least 1 entire week of timesheets for payroll and overtime calculations.  You cannot export timesheets on a day-by-day basis.  Overtime rules cannot be calculated until the full week of work is known.

From the Choose Dates step, choose the amount of time (1 week, 2 weeks, etc) you wish to export and the starting date.



STEP TWO:  Choose Staff

Once you've chosen the dates, LMN's sync tool will scan all the timesheets for that period and display only the staff who have eligible time during that period.  

By default, LMN will try to export all selected staff's time.  Optionally, you can un-check any staff member whose time you do not wish to export.  

Hint: if a staff member shows up in red, that indicates that staff member has not been matched to your QuickBooks Online Employees.  You need to add this employee to QuickBooks Online or match this staff member before continuing. 



STEP THREE:  Review Jobs

Next, LMN's sync tool will scan all timesheets for jobs that have never been matched to QuickBooks Online customers or sub-customers.  If LMN finds jobs on timesheets that exist in LMN Time, but not in QuickBooks, it will grant you access to a screen where you can create them instantly.


You have two options when a job exists on timesheets but is not matched to a QuickBooks Online customer or sub-customer:

1. The Job is new and doesn't exist as a customer in QuickBooks Online  

In this scenario, simply click the Create In QuickBooks button and LMN will instantly create a customer in QuickBooks Online for you (note: customer names must be unique... if you get an error trying to create a customer using this method, it's very likely that a customer or vendor or employee already exists in QuickBooks online with that name)

2. The Customer already exists in QuickBooks Online, but has never been matched to the LMN Time Job

In this scenario, you'll need to go back a step and using the matching wizard to match the LMN Time job to its corresponding QuickBooks online customer or sub-customer.  To jump to the matching screen, click the Go to Setup to Link Customers button in the bottom right.  



When all jobs on timesheets have a corresponding match in QuickBooks Online, you should see the screen below and you're ready to export.




STEP FOUR:  Publish/Export Timesheets to QuickBooks Online

Next, click the Publish to QuickBooks button to start the export process.  Just like estimates, your timesheet export job will be added to the export queue.  


Depending on connection speed and some other factors, your job may take 10 seconds or up to 5 min to complete.  The average time is around 30-60 seconds.  To view the status of your job, click the Continue to Job Status screen.  

On the Job Status screen, you'll be shown the export you started and some information about its progress.  You can click the Refresh button in the upper right corner to update the export's current status.

Queued: means the export is waiting to start

Processing: means the export is currently working and will be done in just a few seconds

Successful:  means your export was successful.  You can login to QuickBooks Online and view your employee timesheets and complete payroll.

Error:  means the export wasn't successful and none of your timesheets will get exported.  Most users get an error or two when they are first setting up the export - and the errors are usually because there's some missing 'matching' information between LMN and QuickBooks Online.


If you get an error... LMN will automatically email an error log to the user's email who ran the export.  This log will give you details of why the error occurred.  Sometimes the log contains enough information for you to spot the error and correct the problem.  Othertimes, QuickBooks makes it a little harder to decipher the error.  In this situation, you can easily forward the email and the attached error log to support@golmn.com and we'll do our best to get you fixed ASAP.




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