LMN Quickbooks Sync Tool Update Error. "The signature of the program is corrupt or invalid."

"The signature of the program is corrupt or invalid." is a message that will pop up when your computer does not recognize the signature of a .msi program. Note our LMNsync.msi file (the update) is safe to download, so you can ignore this error message as long as you are sure you are opening the file downloaded through the LMN QB Sync Tool and download the update.

If you would like directions on how to download the update file and install it, see below:

1. Launch LMN's sync tool. Accept the update (it will download to your computer).
2. Go to where the update file downloaded to on your computer (usually the file downloads to your "Downloads" folder).
3. Now right click on the downloaded file (that says it is corrupted- it is not, do not worry) from LMN to install.
4. Select "Run", or "Run anyway", to allow LMN to complete the update. The LMNsync.msi file is safe to run and will update the LMN Quickbooks Sync program.

After following these steps, the program will complete the update installation and you will be able to use LMN's Quickbook Sync Tool.

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