Site Measure tool does Linear Measurements

Now you can use LMN's site measure tool when estimating to do linear measurements.  Here's how to do it..

  1. Start or open an estimate for a site you want to measure
  2. On the Customer Info tab of your estimate screen, click the Measure Site button
  3. A map of the property will open in a new tab - zoom in to an appropriate zoom level
  4. At the top of the screen, you can choose 1 of 2 different measurement types: Measure Area or Measure Length
  5. To measure a line, choose the Measure Length option
  6. Click a point on the site map to start your measurement.  Click anwhere further down the line to add another point and start your measurement.
  7. To draw lines around curves, you can keep clicking around a curve OR you can drag and drop an existing point to anywhere else on the site map and the line will shape itself between the points


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