jobsite measure linear site measurement tool Site Measure tool does Linear Measurements

Our Measure Site tool has been updated - you are still able to create linear measurements for estimates.

Here's how to do it:

  • First, go to Estimate > Standard/Service > Click on an estimate. Then click on the Workareas/Services + Pricing tab, and finally click on the <-> Measure Site button.

  • This will now open a new tab and link back to Jobsites section in the CRM.
  • Next, open the jobsite where you'll notice a new tab under each Jobsite, for Jobsite Measurements. Once you select a type from the list you have already created, you click on the Measure Site button, as shown below.


  • This will open up the Measure Site tool where a map of the property will be shown.
  • To measure a line, click a point on the site map to start your measurement. Click anywhere further down the line to add another point and start your measurement.
  • *Note: length can be measured to an existing estimate as well



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