guide qbo link staff employees LMN Time linking staff link staff link employees linking employees Linking LMN Time Staff to QBO Staff / Employees

In order to export Timesheets, you need to match your LMN Time staff with your QBO Employees.  

  1. Choose the Setup menu option (on the left side of the LMN/QBO Sync App)
  2. Choose the Link Staff menu option
  3. Next, we'll load all your existing LMN Time staff on the left side and all your existing QB staff on the right side.
  4. Start at the top of the list and for each LMN Time employee on the left, choose the corresponding QBO employee on the right side
  5. If the LMN Time employee doesn't exist in QBO, you can click the Create in QuickBooks button to create the employee directly

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  LMN can only setup the employee basics.  You will have to go into QB Online and setup payroll information, tax information, wage information before you can create paychecks for these employees. 

  6. You must click Save Settings to save all your matches.



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