quickbooks error customer name colon can't export estimate estimate import error can't import estimate Names in This List Cannot Contain a Colon. Cannot Contain a Colon. estimate export error ERROR: Names in This List Cannot Contain a Colon

If you receive the following error message upon exporting an Estimate into QuickBooks:

*Beginning DETAILED Import of Estimate XXXX... [ERROR] - (XXXXXXX) - DETAILED Import failed with the following message: There was an error when storing "XXXX:XXXX" in the "customer name" field. QuickBooks error message: Names in this list cannot contain a colon. The colon is a special character used to indicate a parent/child relationship. [Import Complete]

Take a look at the following areas to ensure you do not have a colon anywhere within your text fields that may be causing this error:

  • Customer Name
  • Project Name
  • Work Area / Service Name

Delete or replace the colon within the text fields and attempt the sync again.



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