reports estimate report cost code report Estimates: Estimate Cost Code Detail Report

This new report will enable you all kinds of good information, by estimate, by cost code.  Even better, it automatically exports to an Excel file so you can do all kinds of your own data manipulation like sorting, filtering and making your own totals and formulas.  

The report shows detailed information for every cost code in your estimates.  Each estimate cost codes shows its:

  • Status (won/lost/pending)
  • Division
  • # of Visits
  • Man Hours
  • Estimated COGS (Cost of Goods Sold)
  • Estimated Revenue 

Once in Excel, you can filter your columns by Status (for example) to look at work that's won, or by division to look at just work for a particular division.

To access this report, simply:

  1. Open the Estimate menu on the left side
  2. Click the Reports menu option 
  3. Select the Estimate Cost Code Review (Detail) report
  4. Choose the Divisions you wish to include
  5. Choose the Start Date and the End Date for estimates you want to include in this report - note, the report uses the Estimate Date to determine which estimates to include in the report
  6. Click Generate Report
  7. This report will automatically download or open (depending on your browser settings) in Microsoft Excel format

** note - in order for the won/lost/pending data on this report to be accurate, you need to be updating your estimate statuses accurately.  Click here for more help on setting up and using estimate statuses.



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