CRM E-mail Notifications

There is a new feature in the CRM to get e-mail notifications when leads and To-Dos are assigned to you.  You can set this up by clicking the section under your User Icon at the top left corner of LMN shown here:


You will now have the option to receive e-mails when:

  • A lead gets assigned to you by someone else
  • When a To-Do gets assigned to you by someone else
  • When a To-Do items status changes from another user
  • When a To-Do is changed by someone else.


 To enable this feature please follow the following instructions:

  • Click on the Notifications button shown above.
  • Check off each box for which notifications you want to receive
  • Enter an e-mail CC List, if applicable.  For instance, if your manager/owner wants a notification anytime a lead is assigned to you, you can enter their email in the CC List box.
  • Click the Save Changes button at the top right when finished


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