discount foreman foreman account foreman billing foreman pricing price break How Does Pricing Work For Foreman Accounts?

The pricing for foreman is pretty straightforward.  Each foreman/crew in the field will need a login, which is 1 user account.  You should have 1 user account per crew.  Each user account is $9.99/month.

For companies with a lot of foreman, quantity discounts kick in.  The more foremen you have in LMN Time, the bigger the discount you will get. If you enter a new tier the foreman in the lower tier still remain the same price. See below for details:


You also only are charged for active foreman in a given month.  If you have less foreman in the winter, you can deactivate foreman and you won't pay for those accounts until you reactivate them.  If you need more foreman in the winter (i.e. for subcontractors who do snow, or because your crews are split up more), you are only charged for those extra accounts in the months they are active.  



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