assign guide online training online courses training course assign courses assign course Assign an Employee a Training Course

When you sign a user up for online training they will automatically be assigned to certain courses depending on the jobs/roles that you assign them to. You can always add them to other courses as well though.

In the top left corner of your manager account you will see three icons. The middle one is for your team of learners. 

Click that team icon and then click on your manager dashboard.

Manager Dashboard:

In your manager dashboard you will be able to see the learners that you manage, how many courses they are required to complete as well as how many have not been completed yet. Click the green button (incomplete) in a learner's tile and it will bring you to those courses.

Next, when you are in the detailed user report you will see an add button as indicated below. That will take you to the assign learning activities to user screen.

Next you will see a list of all available online training courses. You can check off the boxes to the left of the course names to indicate which course(s) you want to enroll the learner in, and then click next in the bottom right corner as indicated in the screenshot below.

The last step is to edit the assignments of the courses (but only if needed). You will see an option to select all courses or none, and if you click none you will need to edit the assignment options for each course manually by clicking on them one at a time. You can edit things like the due dates and priority levels in the right hand side. Then when you have made all necessary changes click done in the bottom right corner and those courses will become available for the learner to complete.


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