How to Review Tax Settings Per Estimate

There are two ways to edit & review your taxes on an estimate:

Option 1 - "Edit Taxes"

To change or update taxes on items in one or more workareas within the same estimate simultaneously, use the "Edit Taxes" option from within the workarea/service.


A new window will open that will allow you to change items within your estimate, and apply those changes to one or more workareas/services.


Option 2 - Workareas/Services + Pricing

Go to the "Workareas + Pricing" section for a standard estimate, or "Services + Pricing" for a Service estimate.

Select the workarea or service that requires changes to taxes to open the details for that service/workarea.


Select the "Edit Taxes" tab.  This will allow you to select/change purchase and sales taxes and edit Warranty and shipping percentages.




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