Include & Exclude Options on Estimates

LMN gives you the option to build an estimate that gives your clients different options of services to choose from.

How to build an estimate with Options:

  1. Login to LMN and click on Estimates, choose standard 
  2. Click on + New in the top right corner to add a new estimate
  3. Click on Workareas + Pricing tab at the top of the estimate
  4. Click on + Add Workarea - create a work area for the first option. Example below for a patio:

Next, click on the green arrow button beside the close button and copy work area.


This will copy the workarea that you just created - now we can alter pricing to create option #2. Copy multiple times if you have more options.

You can show your customer all three options via a customer proposal printout. OR if you only want to show them one option at a time you can do that also.

To show one option at a time click on the hold checkbox on the workarea that you don't want to show your customer. Then click print - the proposal will generate without including that workarea.



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