gps daily dashboard staff locations locations faq crew tracking track employees set up tracking how to track employee locations shift can track employees How Can I Track Employees Locations During Their Shift Using The Daily Dashboard?

Since LMN Time is "live", you can track an employee's progress in real-time at any moment of the day. The Daily Dashboard is going to show you the past 24hrs of timesheets for specific employees that you are tracking.

There are four ways to track your employees: Crew Locations, Crew Progress, Where Are They? and Daily Dashboard.

Daily Dashboard will be covered below:

  1. In order to have access to the Daily Dashboard, you must have the necessary function turned on under your account. Access Staff and view your setup to ensure that you have the Can Track Employees? checkmarked (see below):
  2. Click the Staff menu in LMN Time.
  3. Click the Daily Dashboard tab on the left side.
  4. To add employees to be tracked, click on on the bottom-right corner. Select the employees you wish to track.
  5. To track your employee's progress click on the Employee's Name, and their progress will expand below. (NOTE: if their bar is GREEN, they are presently clocked-in and working. If GREY, they are not present on any timesheets for that day).



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