dashboard job history progress jobs history estimated vs. actual actual hours job progress job faq schedule summary task info sched vs. actual How Do I Review a Job's Progress or History?

You can track an individual Job's progress by accessing the Schedule, Review or History tabs within the Job in question.

On the Schedule tab, you can view the date(s) a Job has been scheduled. Clicking on the Details tab (purple tab), you can get further information on each scheduled visit.

On the Review tab, you will see an outline of your TOTAL Estimated Hours, compared to your ACTUAL Hours, and a percentage denoting your Progress. 

On the History tab, you can review more details per Task for this Job. Click on the Info button for each Task to see more details per date, including any Notes and Activities selected. 


To review a full list of your Job's Progress, you can view this on your Dashboard within the Reports. For more information on the job dashboard, click HERE.

There are also a couple of reports that can show similar information as well. Under Reports > Jobs, you can generate Job Progress (Est vs Actual Hrs) or a Job Progress (Sched. vs Actual) report to track progress for a Job or Job Group.


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