I'm trying to import materials into my material catalog. I get a message that says successful, but none of my materials got imported.

The most likely cause of this problem is incorrect header names, but here are some common fixes to this issue:

  1. Review the column header names.  Ensure they are typed EXACTLY as indicated in the instructions file (link below)
  2. Change the case of column header names to mixed case format (first letter capital, rest lower case).  For instance, if the column header is "DESCRIPTION" - change it to "Description"
  3. Remove any blank rows in the import file
  4. Look for rows with incomplete data (no name, for instance)

Click here for import file instructions


Those steps will solve any/all known issues with the import file.  If you've reviewed and fixed any of the above issues and are still encountering issues, email your import files to and we'll help identify the cause of the issues.  


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