guide staff groups Creating Staff Groups in LMN Time

Staff groups allow you to organize your employees into groups, to help you and your foremen find staff easier and faster.  They can also be used for reporting purposes to pull reports on one list of staff.

Creating a Staff Group

  1. Log into LMN Time.

  2. Select Staff.
  3. Select Staff Groups.
  4. Give your Staff Group a Name and press OK.


Adding/Removing Employees to Staff Group

  1. There are a couple of ways to add an Employee to a Staff Group. The easiest would be from the Jobs > Staff page.
  2. Select the checkbox next to each Employee and then press the  on the bottom-left corner of the screen.
  3. After selecting the Staff Groups button, you will have the ability to +Add to Staff Group or -Remove from Staff Group.
  4. If you toggle the Staff Groups drop-down at the top of the screen, you will now see your list of employees filtered down as per the Staff Group.


  1. Click on Staff.
  2. Select the employee you wish to assign to a Staff Group.
  3. Click on the Group Membership tab.
  4. Select the Staff Groups you wish to assign them to.
  5. Press OK when you are done.


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