guide ordered route job group routing snow routes maintenance routes mowing route mowing routes maintenance route Creating Job Groups for Ordered Routes

If there are a group of jobs that you need to bill at the first or end of the month, this is how you can set that up with job groups:

  1. Login to LMN Time.
  2. Click on Jobs.
  3. Click on Job Groups on the left-hand menu.
  4. Click +New Group on the bottom-right corner.
  5. Give the group a Name (i.e. MAINT-1stOfMonth) and choose Ordered/Route. NOTE: only this Group Type will allow you to manually organizeor use the Optimization tool to re-order this route.
  6. Click OK.
  7. You will then select/checkmark each Job on the left-window (Jobsite Search Results) and then press the Add> button to add it to this Job Group. NOTE: you can also enter Key Terms in the Search field to filter down the list of jobs on the left window.

  8. To re-organize the order of the Jobsites MANUALLY, within the Jobsites in the Group window, select a Job (a checkmark will appear next to the Job) and then toggle the UP/DOWN arrows to move this Job within the list.
  9. To re-organize the order of the Jobsites using our Optimization Tool, select .
  10. The Optmize Routes screen will appear. Based on the Start/End addresses, the tool will find the most efficient route for all of your Jobsites entered on the screen before. Select Optmize Route to run the tool.
    NOTE: all of your jobsite addresses have to be 100% accurate in order for the Optimize Tool to work. If even one jobsite address is incorrect or missing data, the Tool will not optimize at all.
  11. Once the Optimize Tool has completed, you can view the Route within Google Maps by selecting the Map/Directions link on the left-hand side.
  12. When you are done, press OK.
  13. If you wish to make any manual changes to the order, you can still do so after the fact as described in step 8.


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