Import fixed prices into your material catalog.

Now you can import a set, fixed price for materials in our material catalog.  There are 2 new columns in the material import file that will enable you to do this.


Optional - default is blank

Enter a price in this column ONLY if you want to set a fixed price for an material.  It's not recommended as LMN is designed to calculate a price for you, but if you want to force a specific unit price, fill that unit price in this column.


Optional - default is blank.

Enter a 'Y' or 'YES' in this field if you want to force LMN to use a specific unit price (entered in the PRICE column).  If you want LMN to calculate the price for you, just leave this column empty.

To import a fixed price, make sure the PRICE column is set to the price you want to charge (your customer) for the material.  Then, put a "Y" in the FIXEDPRICE column to tell LMN that you want to use the fixed price (instead of the profit margin column).  

If there is a Y in the fixed price column, LMN will ignore the profit column and your budget's default profit and will use the price that you've indicated that you want to charge.


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