Print Report Error: Out Of Memory

If you get the random error that says out of memory when printing reports this is due to the sizing of your logo. To fix this follow these directions:

  1. Go to your company info which is under account in your main menu.
  2. Re-size your logo to the recommended size of 580x100 px. 
  3. Upload the new logo with the select logo button in your company info area.
  4. If you have trouble with re-sizing your logo please contact LMN support.

NOTE: For best results, your logo should be oriented horizontally and have an aspect ratio of no greater than 5.8:1. This means that if your logo is 580 pixels wide, it should be no higher than 100 pixels to display optimally. You may upload higher resolution artwork, as long as it is at or close to the 5.8:1 aspect ratio in the preceding example. For assistance with your logo, please contact LMN Support.

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