Refer a friend get a discount every month!

 When you login to LMN, your referral code will be displayed at the top of the LMN Home screen. See below to find out what you'll get for referring friends to LMN!


If you refer a friend or industry peer or even a competitor to LMN and they signup to be a user, here's what you'll get:


10% off your base LMN Subscription 

Get 10% off your LMN subscription every month for as long as your "friend" keeps using LMN.


Stack Your Referrals/Earn Multiple Discounts

Build your referrals and get more discounts!  If you recommend LMN to 5 industry peers who use your referral code when they signup, you'll get be getting 50% off your base subscription every month for as long as they stay LMN users.  Introduce LMN to 10 peers, and you're using LMN for free!*


Give Your Friends a Free Month!

Anyone who uses your referral number will get 1 month completely free to get themselves setup and running, and they'll have full access to our support and Client Success Managers to help them get started.  Then, they can refer their friends to earn themselves recurring monthly discounts as well.


How do I refer a friend and get credit?

Look on the top right hand corner of your LMN Home screen and you'll find your unique referral code number.  Give that number to the person/company you are referring.  

When they signup for LMN, they will be prompted to enter a referral code.  When they enter your code, your discount will be automatically applied.



Discounts apply to the LMN Base Subscription price only, not to extra user accounts or add-ons like JobsiteWatch.  Aprx value of each referral is $19.90 per month.

Referral discounts stay in effect for as long as the referred company maintains an active LMN subscription.  Referral discounts are automatically removed if the referred user cancels their subscription.

Discounts are capped at 10 (100%).  Should you refer more than 10 friends, contact us!  We love you.  We'll work something out.  :)




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