Show/Hide Jobs and Staff from Specific Employees

LMN Time administrators have permission to show/hide any jobs to specific foremen or subcontractors.  This makes it easy to only show subcontractors (or foremen) jobs they are responsible for.

** note - don't get too aggressive with this setting.  If there's a chance you might need to send someone over to another site to help or get caught up, they won't be able to clock in unless they have permission.  Only hide sites where there is no chance the employee will be dispatched to that particular site.

To show or hide sites for a foreman or subcontractor:

  1. Open the foreman/subcontractor for whom you wish to hide jobs
  2. Click the Hide Jobs tab
By default, employees can see all jobs.  Click the Hide Jobs button to hide specific jobs.
  1. Once you click Hide Jobs, all jobs become hidden for that employee.  Now its your job to setup a list of the jobs they are allowed to see.  The left side of the screen is the jobs they can see.  The right side of the screen shows the jobs that are hidden.
  2. Click the jobs on the right side list to select the jobs you want the foreman/subcontractor to be able to see
  3. Click the Add Jobs button to move the selected jobs from the Hidden list into the Visible list
The list of jobs in the list on the left side are the list of jobs the employee will be able to see/use on timesheets.  The foreman/subcontractor will not be able to see or clock-in to any jobs in the Hidden list.


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