How to Setup Your Foreman to Track Employees

In LMN Time, you have the ability to setup foreman to track employees. To do that, simply click on STAFF at the top of the screen and click on the employees name that you want to set to track employees. You will then see a checkbox that says "Can track employees" - check it off and click ok.


If you clicked on yourself in LMN Time to track staff, you can set up who you would like to track right within LMN Time:

1. Click on Staff.

2. Click on daily dashboard on the left side menu.

3. Click on + tracking setup in the bottom right corner .

4. Choose which employees you would like to track and click save.


If you clicked on another employee/foreman other then yourself, they can login to the LMN Time APP on their phone and choose which employees they would like to track.

1. Login to LMN Time App with that users login.

2. Click on "Tracking" button on the bottom right of the app.

3. Click "+ employee" icon in the top right corner.

Now that foreman will be able to track other employees times or other foreman times to see if they are on track on their jobsite.


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