crew notes notes foreman notes site notes task notes faq Can My Foreman/Supervisors Leave Notes On The LMN Time App?

 Your Foremen/Supervisor(s) have the ability to leave Notes, attached to their timesheets, for Administrators to review. To turn this feature on, follows these steps:

  1. Log into LMN Time as an Administrator via your browser.
  2. Click Settings
  3. On "Allow crews to leave timesheet notes blank"  select either YES, allowing skipping notes or  NO, tasks require notes. (NOTE: If you select YES, they will have the option to leave the notes field blank. If you select NO, they will not be able to advance onto the next screen on their phone unless notes have been entered).

  4. Click Jobtypes (left hand sub-menu).
  5. Click on one of your Jobtypes.

  6. Under Task Notes ensure you have the selection YES, PROMPT selected. If NO is selected, the field for them to leave Notes will not appear on their phone.

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for all of your Jobtypes.

There are a number of reports that will print these notes.  Plus, you can use the Timesheet Review screen under the Timesheets menu for a real-time view of crew notes as they are being entered in the field.



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