Monitor Staff Progress

Monitoring staff can be very easy by using the Crew Progress screen in LMN Time. This will allow you to track a crew's daily progress in real time.

Click on Staff > Crew Progress.

As you can see at the top of the screen you will have to choose a couple of filters to see the information that you are looking for.

1. Choose the supervisor that you want to view the progress on.

  • Make sure that the foreman had clocked themselves in or nothing is going to show up for you when you go to check the crew progress screen.

2. Choose the date.

3. Choose Job Location or Clock-in Location.

4. Click show progress.

All of the job locations should appear as show below, on a map and in a list. If you hover over the pin points on the map then it will show you what job, and task that supervisor was working on.


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