Tracking Materials on a Job

You can track simple materials using LMN Time's Activities.  Crews are prompted with activities when they clock out of task.  It will let them tick off if they used a particular activity/material and you can even have them track the qty used as well.

Click here to watch a video on how to setup Activities to track materials or services on a job.

We don't recommend using activities to track materials for construction or installation type projects.  There's just far too many potential materials with very specific pricing for different sizes, colors, patterns, etc.  Even more complicated is that the costs will also vary by vendor.  To expect that your field crews could enter and track all this information accurately, on a daily basis, is unreasonable.  You'll end up with a lot of data, but none of it accurate enough to actually produce good jobcosting reports.

But it doesn't mean you should give up costing materials on jobs.


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