Using the URL Fields To Link Files/Folders To A Job In LMN Time

Use the URL Fields to link to files (such as Site Maps, Job Planners, etc.) or folders to give crews instant access to important documents/images for a job. 

You will find the URL Fields under the Job Info screen when you've clicked on a Job in LMN Time.

In order to add URL Links to a specific file or folders in LMN Time, you will need to upload your files to a Cloud Storage site such as Google Drive or Dropbox.


To create a google account, go to and click on Signup. Google will then prompt you for some information and ask you to create a Gmail account. Once completed you will have to click on this icon in the top right corner: 

That will prompt a pop-up window, click on Drive

Once you click on Drive, it is going to bring you to your Google Drive page. On this page you can add folders and files for each job that you are working on.

Click on NEW and add a folder or a file. We recommend creating a specific job folder for each client and uploading drawings, pictures, and job planners so that your crew's can have access to this information at all times while clocked into a site.

Once you have added a folder with documents, right click on the folder and click get sharable link.

Then a new window is going to populate as shown below. Make sure that the link sharing is set to ON and then copy the link below. This is the link that you are going to want to paste into LMN Time under the job info tab as shown in the first image. You have the option to paste this in any of the 3 URL links, but we recommend OTHER so that you can use the other two for site maps and street maps.


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