Naming your Jobs in LMN Time

It is important to have a strict system for naming jobs. Having disorganized names means that crews will be constantly clicking into the wrong job when clocking in.

There are a couple of different ways that you can name your jobs:

1. By Address

  • Addresses are a good way to name your jobs because they are unique.

2. By Customer Name and Type of Work

  • For example: Smith - Backyard Patio. 

You also have the option to setup a different job name for your crew's to clock into verses what the Administrative user is going to see. This is because the crews might know a residence by address while the administrative side might know the customer by name. To setup a different job name for the crew's, please follow these steps:

1. Login to LMN Time

2. Click on JOBS

3. Click on the Job that you would like to change the name on for the crews to see

4. On the Job Info tab there is an item called Job Short Name, this is the job name that the crew is going to see. The Job Name is what the administrative user is going to see.

5. Change the Job Short Name and click save.


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